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Reviews and comments from past and current clients of Ginger Orem, Crown Real Estate AK. Inc....

October 21, 2017..Doug wrote:

"When we decided to sell our home we sought Ginger because we bought the home from her. She had been very honest and efficient at that time. Boy are we fortunate we did! We informed Ginger we were willing to break on price to expedite the sale. She suggested we not under-sell ourselves and was confident that we could do better than we thought. We decided to trust her many years of local experience. Sure enough! Her expansive marketing strategy hooked an offer in two weeks at a price exceeding our expectations! But then the real work began on the journey to closing. With my wife and I out of town she was an excellent communicator; she accommodated our distant schedule around the clock and throughout the week. The leg work from first offer to closing is under-estimated. There is so much to do and a way of going about it. Her wisdom and ethic saved us money, time and headaches. For a highly talented, richly experienced and very hard working agent, choose Ginger! She'll give you more value than anyone in the interior! -Doug and Mary


"Hello Ginger! We are missing Alaska! I just thought I'd let you know,,We are buying a house! We're closing this week. We're really excited to begin this next stage of our lives. Throughout this buying process, we came to realize how smooth and fluid you made the selling process go as far as paper work, and coordinating with the title company goes. I know buying a house is a bit different but our current realtor (great at helping us find the right house, crummy at paperwork) definitely falls short. We are constantly having to call the title company and do steps on our own that you took care of for us. So in short, I (we) just wanted to send a friendly THANKS!" L and Ben K. 



"Hi Ginger,  As I reflect on our journey to find a house and then going through the whole process of closing, I have come to realize how awesome of a realtor you are!  You have a great support network of professionals who are there to assist in getting things done in a timely manner. Whether it was buying or selling you stayed on top of everything and kept us informed. Thanks again and God Bless!" Mike & Lisa K.


"It pays to work with someone with a broad range of experience, especially if you live a long way from the property you wish to sell. You really need someone with not only real estate knowledge but relationships with the individuals and organizations that can assist in the sale of your property. Ginger's many years of working in the Fairbanks real estate market fits those requirements very well. I had to leave Fairbanks before my condo was fully prepared for sale and relied upon another realtor to take care of the necessary preparations. After a year with no offers, I switched to Ginger on recommendations of a friend. She immediately identified significant issues that would affect the sale, connected in with contractors to address the problems and upon relisting the property, I received an offer within six weeks. So far, my story might sound typical but more problems arose when inspection results shows a very significant issue falling under the responsibility of the condo board. When the board started to stone wall against the expenditure necessary to resolve the issues raised by the inspection, Ginger brought in an expert to address the board, arranged for an estimate of cost for repairs and kept on the heels of the board to hold them accountable. She also worked with the realtor representing the buyers to keep them on board for the sale. Ultimately, all was resolved and the sale proceeded to closure. This is what you hope you are paying for when contracting with a real estate agent, and Ginger delivered in spades. I found that she very much cares about and takes to heart the needs of her clients, both seller and buyer, to find the best solutions to enable everyone to realize their goals in the sale and purchase of a property."  David A.


"I am enjoying all the detailed information on your page. It is really inspiring me to consider moving to Fairbanks. There's so much personal attention to your posts and a very inviting page..
Thank you,"
- Scott

Ginger was fantastic throughout the entire process. I felt confident with her professionalism and the house sold in half the time I anticipated. She's definitely my Go To Gal!
- Brian

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